When buying a piece of jewellery, whether a wedding ring, a push present, or special gift, having expert guidance means getting the best quality for the best value and delivering an item to be enjoyed for a lifetime.  The expertise of Jerry Greig, garnered from nearly 20 years of working for and with Jewellery and Gem Houses ranging from Cartier to De Beers, is now available for individuals and businesses to tap into in a range of personalized services.

Renowned for sourcing the most beautiful stones for stunning bespoke jewellery and custom designs, Jerry is an international fine jewellery specialist and gemologist with significant experience working in the luxury fine jewellery industry and a developed eye for detail and design.

Jerry Greig comments; “It is a rare and truly wonderful gift, so to have support in making your choices can make all the difference in creating the right item and also the right price. I pride myself on trying to understand each customer’s needs in order to deliver the best confidential service to each individual requirement”